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Jessamy provides training centred around the modules of "Listen - Think - Draw", and how using these three elements with intention improves our thinking processes, problem solving and ability communicate at both a deeper and broader level.

Jessamy has run training programs for consultants, facilitators, teachers and students at organisations such as KPMG, Green Steps, Sacre Couer Girls School, and University High School.

She also runs sell-out public workshops throughout the year, and offers one-on-one coaching sessions in person or remotely for anyone looking to improve their visual thinking and communication skills and/or budding Graphic Recorders.

One-on-one coaching is available in person or online via Zoom. Book online!


"Jessamy provided such a safe and effective space for me to refine my graphic recording approach and iron out the blind spots in my listening and drawing, Our monthly zoom calls left me with tangible improvements to try out each time and after 3 calls, I really noticed how much my scribing had jumped up a level."

Will Bessen, Tuna Blue

"Having completed Jessamy’s excellent ’Listen, think, Draw’ course through Think in Colour; I subsequently reached out for some coaching sessions. Jessamy is positive, encouraging and has a can-do attitude, which is genuinely inspiring! 


Our sessions helped to build my confidence and improve my graphic recording skills through process tips, explanations for specific queries I had as well as helping me flesh out my ideas. Jessamy is the bomb and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her coaching services to anyone wanting to level up in their creative practice." - Emma Rowland

- 60 - 120min workshops

- Half / full day training sessions
- Ongoing training, coaching & mentoring (60, 90 or 120min sessions)

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