Jessamy Gee is a specialist speaker in visual thinking techniques for enhanced communication and understanding, as well as how to re-wire your default listening patterns to listen with purpose and intention.

Jessamy was the keynote speaker at Australia's first large-scale visual practice conference VizConf in 2018, and has presented at conferences and events including Pause Festival, Imagine the Possibilities, and The Game Changer Challenge.

As a professional listener working with some of the country’s leading organisations, Jessamy hears a lot of smart people talk about a lot of smart stuff. About the current climate, the pace of change, the challenges and opportunities, and what we should do about it.

We know that technology is progressing at an exponential rate. That there’s been a shift in customer / client / employee expectations, and that automation is leading us to a knowledge-based economy. In the new world of big data, robots, the internet of things, and whatever comes next… Our human skills are more valuable than ever.

Young people entering the workforce today are expected to have 17 different jobs in 5 different industries in their working life. What were once thought of as “soft skills”, like problem solving, adaptability, collaboration, communication and listening are now key skills of the future.

We know that we need to be better communicators to succeed in an ever-changing world.

In her presentations, Jessamy shines a light on the incredible impact of thinking and communicating visually, and the neuroscience that explains why it's so powerful. 

Jessamy is also available to present on the framework of purposeful listening - how to set intention, pay attention and plan retention to listen with an outcomes focus.

Download "Listening & Visual Note-taking for Humans" session details.


- 45 - 60min talks
- 75 - 120min workshops

**Hear Jessamy talk on the Your Third Voice Podcast.

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